he's baaaaaaaaaaaaack!

it is july 15th today.

i haven't written anything for months, and i'm not really sure why i wasn't even inspired to, but i feel pretty good today. i've been wanting medication to change my state of mind, i would have started an attempt to get a prescription for adderall, but i found an alternative - alcohol. hey, three syllables, beginning and ending with the same letters, they can't be that different. ha. seriously, though, i'm going to have one bottle, once or twice a day, because i have seen changes. first, i'm writing for my site again. second, i am no longer feeling angry at myself for staying in my room all day. i don't feel as if i'm missing out on life. speaking of which, and i learned this while scouring the internet for other people who use alcohol for good, i was reading about someone who learned to accept himself as an introvert. granted, his self-acceptance came when he stopped his drinking, but i'm content to be staying home today in all my introverted glory. third, i have an actual desire to get off of my bed and to be in my pool again. i'm going to post this page, strip, and go down to the pool now.

check out my site, www.jaggedlittledyl.com , unless you're there now