here we are, face to face, a couple of silver spoons. ha. seriously, though, here we are. it's the end of august today, the 27th, and this summer has been something terrible. money has been short, as i didn't realize i owed 2015's and 2016's taxes before i dumped a whole lot into my mortgage, and because i owed taxes (and had no money to pay them), i couldn't get a refinance...even though my equity is stellar. even stella thinks so. hey, charlie king, remember "the actor's nightmare" and STELLLLA!!!!"?

anyway, i also could not go to casinos as much as i used to. i haven't been writing ANY song-parodies, and practically nothing for my website, and i realized today that those two things are what gave me purpose. before i started going to casinos, it was only my website that gave me purpose and kept me occupied. interested - i could spend hours writing a song parody or anything at all, and i was both occupied and interested. the last parody i wrote was written in 2015, which is something i cannot believe.

maybe two months after i wrote that last parody, which was "baby, can i hold you" and about simon's death, my other dog, alvin, had to be put to sleep. now, it's only theodore. "now it's only thee," that could be a line in a parody for gwen stefani's "what u waiting for".

why did i stop writing? i have no idea, i guess i was never inspired to, though maybe it was because of the charges that were filed against me during the summer of 2016. they amounted to nothing, AFTER NINE MONTHS OF WORRY, EMOTIONAL DISTRESS, AND COURT-APPEARANCES, but you can check out for that story.

i'm wanting to drive for uber, but i can't get a refi with my stellar equity, so i can't get an acceptable car. i started taking multiple trips down the stairs to the pool, every day, and i'm glad that i do. i had 3 5.7% pumpkin-alcohol today, and that loosened me up, maybe it's the reason i'm writing this, but if i ever feel hopeless again, i know what to do. either drink, write for my website, or go into the pool. oh, the pump has to be fixed before winter, and hopefully brent (he's my counselor of almost 10 years) will help me find a way to get money to do it.

i'm exercising in the pool with my body-harness that keeps me in one place, i'm exercising outside of the pool with my leg-press/pull-up slider-machine, as well as dumbbells, so maybe i'll get my firm behind sooner or later. or, at least, a flat stomach.

if i could have gotten a refi, i would have bought a polaris slingshot. i would have fixed my pool-pump, i would have gotten my garage-opener working, i would have rented a brush-hog to make my backyard more kempt. it's unkempt now.

i may add to this page, but i'm going downstairs for something to eat.

check out my site, , unless you're there now